Would you like to work as an exam invigilator for SSE?

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Would you like to work as an exam invigilator for the Stockholm School of Economics?
The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is looking for new exam invigilators to work during the upwards of 300 exams that are arranged each year. Are you interested in being one of them? If so, we want you to apply!

Primarily the role as exam invigilator is to monitor the students during the exams and complete the necessary administrative work before, during, and after the exam. The two most important tasks are to prevent cheating and contribute to a calm, organised, and safe environment where students have the best possible opportunity to show their knowledge.

The work requires the ability to give clear instructions to groups of students in both English and Swedish, answer simple questions about exam policies, and help students with technical problems when the exam is taken on a computer.

The work can be physically demanding as our exam rooms are spread throughout the Stockholm School of Economics’ campus. This includes needing to move the necessary exam material from our Examinations Office to the respective exam room under a short period of time.

Is this you?
To work well in the role of exam invigilator, you need to:
• be meticulous, punctual, not easily stressed, and calm
• be able to communicate clearly in English and Swedish
• feel comfortable with using computers as well as be able to help others with simple technical
problems during digital exams
• show authority and set boundaries, when necessary
• be social, communicative, service minded, and work well collaboratively

What we offer
First and foremost, we offer you the opportunity to work alongside a great group, comprised of more than 50 exam invigilators, with one of Stockholm School of Economics most important tasks. Before you begin working as an exam invigilator, you will receive training in our policies and routines as well as have the opportunity to work alongside another exam invigilator with more experience.

As an exam invigilator you receive what is called an “intermittent employment.” This means that you are employed when needed and that you receive payment per hour. The hourly salary is a fixed and equal amount for all exam invigilators. Because the work is need based, the number of work hours varies for each invigilator depending on the hours available.

The recruitment process
After you have submitted your application, we will save your information in our recruitment database. As the need for exam invigilators changes over time, it may take some time before you are contacted. Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to say in advance how much time it may take. However, when the time comes to contact you, we will return with more information about the next stages of the recruitment process.

About Stockholm School of Economics and the Examinations Office
The Examinations Office is a part of the Stockholm School of Economics’ administration that is responsible for coordinating centrally administered exams. Each year, more than 300 exams are organized, which mainly occur during our five exam periods in October, December/January, March, May/June, and August.

If you have any questions about working as an exam invigilator, you are welcome to contact our Exam Coordinators within the Examinations Office at

Type of employment Seasonal Work
Contract type Part-time
First day of employment efter överenskommelse
Salary timlön
Number of positions 1
Working hours as needed
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2020/46
  • Examinations Office ,
Published 10.Jun.2020
Last application date 31.Aug.2020 11:59 PM CET

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